A public sector business consultancy tailored to deliver your transformation journey

The vision

At VTR, we view business transformation as a journey, not as a project. By developing a clear understanding of your business needs [the motivating force behind the transformation] we work across process, people and technology to deliver change for your business. We focus ceaselessly on the benefits of transforming a business.

Our approach differs from traditional methodologies in three ways:

  1. It focuses on the entire transformation and improvement process, including strategy, people, change management and organisational implications
  2. It makes your business requirements & tangible benefits to your business, the focal point of our efforts
  3. It drives sustainability, flexibility and continuous performance improvement so that transformation continues to grow within your organisation

Performance monitoring

VTR provides advice on the performance monitoring solutions that best fit your organisation. We offer support defining the requirements, comparing the products, performance monitoring design and provide performance monitoring workshops.

Our performance experts can also design and implement specific organisation performance monitoring tools in your current public sector environment.

Project management

VTR provide professional project management services to the UK public sector.

We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise commercial business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

Project Support

At VTR, our professional project support consultants excel at engaging stakeholders, driving consensus and ensuring that each one of your initiatives are completed within budget, scope and schedule.

You can count on our experienced project officers to partner with you from project conception to implementation or to get a project back on track when they are missing milestones or are lacking momentum and alignment.

Time Recording

Time is money in business. VTR provides a range of Time tracking and invoicing, particularly for the public sector organisation.

Whether your organisation lacks the expertise towards doing work versus administration, or simply not having the tools in place to properly track time and work.

VTR consultants prevent organisations losing time, billable time, during their working hours.

Training and facilitation

VTR use a range of tried and tested facilitation techniques to help ensure the project objectives are met. We are particularly experienced in designing and delivering processes which address difficult, contentious or sensitive public sector issues.

We are retained by local government to provide stakeholder engagement and facilitation services via a framework agreement.

Who we are working with