What we do for you – “Create value”

At VTR, we view business transformation as a journey, not as a project. By developing a clear understanding of your business needs [the motivating force behind the transformation] we work across process, people and technology to deliver change for your business. We focus ceaselessly on the benefits of transforming a business.

Our approach differs from traditional methodologies in three ways:

  1. It focuses on the entire transformation and improvement process, including strategy, people, change management and organisational implications
  2. It makes your business requirements & tangible benefits to your business, the focal point of our efforts
  3. It drives sustainability, flexibility and continuous performance improvement so that transformation continues to grow within your organisation

Who we are – “A modern team that loves to create”

The public sector is undergoing rapid change. To stay ahead of the rest requires agility, adaptability and foresight – not to forget commitment and dedication.

At VTR we develop and maintain cutting edge expertise within the transformation and project management sectors. We go beyond the generic transformation and project management systems to look at how your organisation can drive more value and growth from processes and people.

We combine the toolbox of the international business consultant with extensive practical transformation & project management experience. All VTR consultants have held senior or leadership positions within UK government. We cover all UK local government specific functional areas and our approach is practical, tangible and effective.

Our service portfolio ranges from strategy development to operational and commercial excellence. We excel in organisational development and process optimisation and we offer insight in to best practices in UK local government.

How we do it – “Keep it simple”

At VTR we never lose sight of our goal; to create stimulating and culturally aligned transformation environments enhanced by fit for purpose, value for money project management services.

We work with the best people to achieve great results for our UK local government clients. Whatever the requirement, our solutions are bespoke, innovative and sustainable.  Our client base is broad spanning both public and private sectors, multi-nationals through to smaller organisations.

Our transformation project management consultants will often work across 2 or 3 areas of expertise to deliver the right solution for you.