Realise with VTR, the Benefits of Business Transformation

Our Business Transformation Consultancy will identify opportunities to improve your business process to:

  • Streamline processes, improve efficiency and provide greater agility
  • Provide a clear understanding and ownership of predicted benefits, to your business
  • Enhance productivity improvements along with stronger financial and process controls
  • Develop a re-energised leadership & business culture
  • Achieve full-term programme management delivery
  • Improve project on-time delivery
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs
  • Improve customer service and increase profitability
  • Improve Business Processes that will co ordinate work between your organisation and technology, streamline procedures and remove waste

Value, Transformation, Resilience

Specialists in the transformation of public services and local government requirements… VTR Consulting began as the Business Improvement team within the Corporate Programme Office based at the District & Borough Councils of East Hampshire and Havant. We work with teams and individuals to deliver initiatives and improvements in business processes resulting in greater cost-savings, streamlining and smarter, more effective ways of working. We are a highly experienced team with a broad range of knowledge providing advice, support and coordination for all of East Hants District Councils’ & Havant Borough Councils’ projects and services.

In summary, you’ll be able to see rapidly, how to make improvements in efficiency, profitability and business agility – at the same time as complying with regulatory demands and providing an excellent customer experience

Business change, progress and improvement

By providing a wide range of expert, professional advice and guidance we implement change-programmes and influence the future direction of service delivery.

Review & Redesign

By steering through review and redesign of services, we aim to unlock unforeseen opportunities and potential and implement smarter, more effective ways of working, that bring benefits for all.

Highly experienced project management professionals

Our experienced professionals work across all types of services, ensuring that good ideas and best practice are shared and enhanced by collaborative working.

Analysis & presentation of data

Performance management, gathering information and adding value through analysis and presentation of data ensure that the right information is delivered, at the right time, in order to support decision making and best use of resources.

VTR media

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